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Resilience vs Mental Toughness by Veronique Mizgailo

For International Women’s Day this year I ran an event about personal resilience and what it means.  As I am no Aarti Anhal (Before Nine) who has a fantastic grasp on the subject and ran an inspiring workshop around it for my university, I decided on an hour’s directed group discussion (discretion being the better part of valour).  For it I repaired to the Great God Google to see if I could find an actual definition of resilience.  It was harder than I thought, but eventually I did find something.  It summed resilience up as an ability to recover, but it added ‘mental toughness’ as the ability to endure the things that a crisis throws at you.   I realised that my own definition of resilience actually conflated the two, and in doing so I’d made my life incredibly difficult. As a BC Manager I feel under pressure to exemplify what I preach (or occasionally scream repeatedly ... Read more


  Hi I am Natalie and I have been asked to take part in HEBCoN’s  new “60 seconds with” interviews