HEBCoN Strategy Launch


STRATEGY 2021-2026

After consultation with our members we are proud to announce the new HEBCoN 2021-26 Strategy to drive forward our expansion and professionalisation.

Thank you to all members who have helped shape this document.

This work will help to improve the offering to our members to provide what we hope you will see as excellent value for money.

Final Strategy September 2021

September Webinar and AGM

September Webinar- “Covid-19, what now?” Join us for a discussion, facilitated by Jamie Whitford- Robson (Emergency Management and Business Continuity Manager, University of Plymouth), that will touch on the following:

What are Enhanced Response Areas and what do they mean for universities? When do you transition from a Pandemic to Endemic Response? Risk Management in an endemic: Supply chain – How many suppliers will survive Technological – With an increased reliance on digital capability what are we doing to enhance protection from cyber-attacks? Societal – Will we ever return to fully staffed offices, or will a blended approach be the new normal? Concurrent events – How prepared are we to meet the challenges of rising Covid cases at the same time as winter respiratory diseases? What will the impact be on the workforce?

See Jamie’s Biography –https://www.hebcon.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Jamie-Whitford-Robson-Biography.pdf

Awards 2021

Awards 2021

HEBCoN are delighted to announce the Winners of the 2021  Awards.


Contribution to Sector – University of Leicester

Innovation/Breakthrough – University of Sussex, IT Team

Incident Management – University of Sussex

Covid Pandemic Response (CPR) – The Pirbright Institute

Peer Award – Sarah Rowe King’s College London

This year the Executive team decided to recognise other Institutions who have achieved great things in difficult times. So we have awarded commendations to the following :

Royal Holloway University

King’s College London’s BCP laptop team

University of Oxford

University of Bristol, Campus Division