Awards 2022


Awards 2022

HEBCoN are delighted to announce the Winners of the 2022 Awards.


Incident Management – University of Exeter/University of Nottingham and Staffordshire University

Covid Pandemic Response (CPR) – University of Sussex

New Comer Award – Jamie Whitford-Robson – University of Plymouth

This year the Executive team decided to recognise other Institutions and individuals who have achieved great things in difficult times. So we have awarded commendations to the following :

Jesse Chan – University of Dundee

University Dundee

Liz Rogers – University of Dundee

Lesley Dingley – University of Nottingham


Webinar – 2022 Kick-Off: A Look Back to Move Forward

The last two years have tested BC and Resilience practitioners as both humans and professionals.

Join this virtual interactive masterclass facilitated by Dr Aarti Anhal, founder of before nine, on Thursday 20th January to reflect on lessons learnt and acquire evidence-based strategies to assure your own optimal performance and ensure you are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that 2022 will present!

The masterclass will serve 3 main purposes, enabling HEBCoN members to work individually and together in break out sessions to:

REFLECT: Providing a dedicated safe space for BC professionals to reflect on (and share) their experiences and lessons in relation to their own performance and leadership during the pandemic RECOVER: Providing an opportunity to reflect on the resilience style, skills and strategies that have sustained them over the last two years REPLENISH: Providing an opportunity to acquire evidence-based strategies and tools to sustain optimal performance as we start 2022

Dr Aarti Anhal

Aarti is the founder of before nine, ... Read more

HEBCoN Strategy Update


STRATEGY 2021-2026

As promised the Exec team said they would provide an end of year Strategy Update.

We continue to work to improve the offering to our members to provide what we hope you will see as excellent value for money.

Thank you to all Exec members who have helped shape this update.

Strategy Dec 2021 Updates