Dear All

As my three years as HEBCoN Chair come to an end I wish to say a big thankyou to the Executive Team who have worked tirelessly to continue to grow and develop the network, which is in a strong position to support our members during the current disruption. Membership of HEBCoN has continued to grow, as has attendance at conference, regional meetings and participation in the Jisc Mail chat. My hope is that as our experience of holding online meetings develops we will run more frequent regional or thematic meetings remotely, increasing the opportunities for members to share experiences and collaborate. I wish everyone well in the coming months and hope that we are all able to build on the enhanced respect we have gained for our profession.


New Treasurer

The Executive team are delighted to announce the new Treasurer of HEBCoN.

Alan Cowen of University of Brighton was previously the Treasurer for USHA and will be taking over from David Balme.

We would like to welcome him to the team and hope that you will all get to meet him at the Conference next year.


Membership Fees 2019/20

Time flies…

It’s that time of year again when membership fees are due.

By joining HEBCoN your institution will benefit from the following:

Sharing information and expertise with a national network of business continuity professionals. Attendance at HEBCoN regional meetings. Attendance at regional business continuity training events. The opportunity to attend the HEBCoN Annual Conference. Access to a library of resources including plans and training slides. Access to a bank of full time business continuity professionals in the academic sector. Access to the HEBCoN email distribution group. Discounts offered through partners and other companies.

To pay go to our Members’ Benefits page.