Resilience vs Mental Toughness by Veronique Mizgailo

For International Women’s Day this year I ran an event about personal resilience and what it means.  As I am no Aarti Anhal (Before Nine) who has a fantastic grasp on the subject and ran an inspiring workshop around it for my university, I decided on an hour’s directed group discussion (discretion being the better part of valour).  For it I repaired to the Great God Google to see if I could find an actual definition of resilience.  It was harder than I thought, but eventually I did find something.  It summed resilience up as an ability to recover, but it added ‘mental toughness’ as the ability to endure the things that a crisis throws at you.   I realised that my own definition of resilience actually conflated the two, and in doing so I’d made my life incredibly difficult.

As a BC Manager I feel under pressure to exemplify what I preach (or occasionally scream repeatedly ... Read more

Awards 2021

Awards 2021

We are excited to be running the awards scheme again for this conference to celebrate our members’ achievements.

The closing date for this years nominations is 17:00 on 4th May 2021 – NOW CLOSED

Categories are:

Contribution to Sector


Incident Management

Covid Pandemic Response (CPR)

Peer Award

Have you achieved something that you are rightfully proud of, or do you think that another person or team in the sector deserves recognition for their work? If so, enter the 2021 HEBCoN Awards. To find out more visit the ‘Awards’ section on our conference page