Day 2 Speakers & Sessions

AUCSO Guide for Managing Emergencies

Bernadette DuncanBernadette Duncan MBE,  COO of AUCSO and business continuity consultant will provide an update on the revised AUCSO Guide for Managing Emergencies.

The AUCSO ‘Guide for Managing Emergencies in HEIs’, published in 2008, has now been revised by one of the original authors, Dr Lucy Easthope LLB MSc and will be launched at a seminar on 30 July 2014. The revised edition titled ‘Resilience in Higher Education’ contains updated case studies from various Universities, revised links to useful organisations and up to date legislative guidance. Chapters include Risk Assessment, Planning, the Needs of People, the Link to Business Continuity, Crisis Communications and more! Bernadette will present a brief run through the guide and highlight the changes to the original version.

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The impact of the latest technologies on managing incidents, communication, safety and security

Glenn FarrantGlenn Farrant, CEO of CriticalArc, will introduce a range of new technologies which are changing the way incident response coordination, safety and security are managed.  They will discuss the challenges and opportunities provided by the technologies and we’ll take a fun look at what’s coming in the not-to-distant future.

Storms and risk of flooding leading to evacuation of halls of residence

Rebecca DaviesBy Rebecca Davies, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Aberystwyth Unversity.   On Thursday 2nd January 2014 members of Aberystwyth University’s Campus Services Team were alerted to the possibility of high tides and flooding caused by stormy weather.  A response team was set up to lead on staff and student communications, and plans were looked at in case the offices and halls of residence on the sea front needed to be evacuated and secured.

A  notification was received the following day by police stating that there would be a mandatory evacuation of all sea front properties.

This case study looks at the decisions that were taken before and during the evacuation and any lessons that were learned to affect future planning.