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AI file and EPS file  – used for professional printing are available from the Executive Officer (these cannot be uploaded to the web page)

Please find attached your finalised logo in various different formats. You should be able to open the “.pdf”, “.jpg” and “.png” files, but the other file types are more specialised and often requested by printing professionals. Let us know if you need the logo in any other format.

Below are some more details about your logo that you may find useful.

Blue: #3a479d-  rgb(58,71,157)  –  CMYK(91,85,0,0)
Purple: #9a2d91 – rgb(154,45,145) – CMYK(45,97,0,0)
Dark Grey: #848484 – rgb(135,135,135) – CMYK(50,42,42,6)
Light Grey: #e1e1e1- rgb(225,225,225) – CMYK(0,0,0,12) – #000 with 12% opacity

Muli (‘regular’ and ‘black’ weights)

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