New Chair

I’m honoured to take over as Chair of HEBCoN. I’ve been involved with the network for a number of years now, back indeed when David Forbes of Imperial was chair and the network was much smaller. The continued growth and stability of the network in recent years owes much to Mark Webster, our outgoing chair. That it is thriving and in such a strong position is in large part thanks to the strategy led by Mark and the hard work done by him and the rest of the exec.

We had hoped to be able to thank Mark publicly and properly at the conference in Liverpool in March, but unfortunately events have overtaken us. However, we will be rearranging the conference and look forward to giving him the thanks and the send off he deserves for all that he has done for the network. Stepping into his shoes, and those of others before him, particularly at this time, is a challenge, but one I am looking forward to.

The network is at a crossroads in terms of its future direction, and we have some exciting possibilities before us, possibilities I and the exec are keen to explore. In the meantime I know that the work to manage the impact coronavirus is having on our institutions has overtaken all other considerations, and the exec is looking at how the network can best support you, the members. If you have any suggestions for us then please do let me or Natalie have them. If, when things have calmed down, you want to be part of the exec or contribute to the network’s ongoing growth then do let me or Natalie know too. We have a number of roles on the exec available, or there are a number of projects and groups we need your help with. If you are interested in getting involved then we would love to hear from you.

I hope that you, your families and colleagues are staying safe and well.