Webinar – 2022 Kick-Off: A Look Back to Move Forward

The last two years have tested BC and Resilience practitioners as both humans and professionals.

Join this virtual interactive masterclass facilitated by Dr Aarti Anhal, founder of before nine, on Thursday 20th January to reflect on lessons learnt and acquire evidence-based strategies to assure your own optimal performance and ensure you are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that 2022 will present!

The masterclass will serve 3 main purposes, enabling HEBCoN members to work individually and together in break out sessions to:

  • REFLECT: Providing a dedicated safe space for BC professionals to reflect on (and share) their experiences and lessons in relation to their own performance and leadership during the pandemic
  • RECOVER: Providing an opportunity to reflect on the resilience style, skills and strategies that have sustained them over the last two years
  • REPLENISH: Providing an opportunity to acquire evidence-based strategies and tools to sustain optimal performance as we start 2022

Dr Aarti Anhal

Aarti is the founder of before nine, a consultancy that helps organisations sustain optimal

performance through a Positive Working approach that enables employee and employer to thrive during good times and periods of adversity, crisis and change.

Through coaching, training and advisory support, Aarti and her team integrate the drivers of wellbeing, resilience and agility into organisational systems, leadership and culture.

They employ a unique blend of evidence-based psychology interventions and behavioural techniques with organisational resilience and transformation strategies, bringing out the best in people and enabling organisations to sustain success, whatever the world throws at them.

Prior to establishing before nine in 2017, Aarti held senior roles at Olive Group, Crisis Solutions and 4C Strategies, delivering advisory support to FTSE companies and government agencies on operational risk and resilience. In her capacity as UK COO at 4C Strategies, she was responsible for establishing and growing the Swedish risk solution provider’s UK business whilst supporting the resilience efforts of both the corporate and military sectors. Having completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge over ten years ago, she has recently completed a PGDip in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at UEL. She speaks regularly at industry conferences, most recently delivering a keynote on “Resilience Cult vs Resilience Culture” at BCI World Virtual 2021.